Rural Fencing

Life on the land is a tough job – but quality, purpose-built fencing can help make it that little bit easier. Whether you need to establish your boundaries, prevent your livestock from straying, or protect your crops from unwanted wildlife and vermin, having the right type of fence in the right place is an absolute must for any land-holder.

Vineyard trellis installation
Vineyard trellis installation

That’s why it’s essential to ensure you not only choose the most appropriate type of fencing for the job, but you also have it correctly constructed and installed. As professional fencing contractors, we’ve seen the results of DIY fencing all too often. What starts out as a “quick”, “cheap” option, often ends up costing far more in time and money wasted on repairs, chasing lost livestock, or replacing damaged crops.

Post and rail horse and livestock fencing installation.
Post and rail fencing.
When you consider what a vital element reliable fencing is, on any rural property, you wonder why anyone would want to cut corners. We sure don’t. Using our state-of-the-art equipment and know-how to get the job done, we provide high quality fencing at a low cost – without cutting corners.

At PLC Fencing, we’ve been involved with all kinds of rural fencing projects and have the skills and experience to construct whatever type of fence you may need. We can install fences of any size and style, some of our services include:

Rural livestock fencing services.

  • Barbed wire, plain wire, ringloc, netting etc.
  • Post-driving
  • Rock-drilling
  • New vineyards, replacements posts and trellising
  • Post and rail, specialised horse fencing and shelters
  • High quality livestock fencing
  • Custom built horse stables
  • Custom gates and cattle grids
  • Sheep, cattle and livestock yards
  • Automated gates

We also understand that on the land, a fence protects more than just the elements it surrounds. It protects your livelihood.

So why take a chance on anything less than the best? Talk to us about our solid, reliable fencing systems and protect your most valuable assets.